Hirschmann BAT ticks all the boxes


Significant improvements in wireless security mechanisms have largely overcome resistance to Wi-Fi in industrial applications.

The most common question now is no longer “is it secure” but “when can you deliver?”

This confidence in wireless security has been earned through the development of a “defence in depth” approach – a multi-layered barrier that resists even the most determined attempts at infiltration.

These defences are based on the following basic principles:

  • Encryption – to encode data so that eavesdroppers can’t make sense or use of transmissions.
  • Authentication – to restrict network access to pre-authorised users, commonly using the RADIUS protocol.
  • Firewall – a combination of functions to inspect every data frame (sometimes erroneously referred to as a packet) and pass or reject based on a set of preset and customisable rules. These include port, address and protocol filters, Intrusion Detection and Denial of Service protection.
  • Rogue Client Detection – rejection of communications with unknown stations.

As each of these principles too is comprised of multiple layers, the acceptance of industrial grade Wi-Fi is justified.

Other questions that often arise concern topology, data throughput and antenna selection.

Hirschmann’s BAT range of wireless access points provide the highest levels of security, including unique onboard RADIUS server.

Combining the correct antenna with a high degree of functionality, high data throughput with reliability can be enhanced.

Distributed by Daanet Pty Ltd, Hirschmann BAT54 and BAT300 are now on special.

For more information visit: www.daanet.com.au/wifi

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