High quality lightweight cables from KabelSchlepp


No matter what your application, KabelSchlepp has a cable and hose carrier solution to meet your requirements.

From lightweight micro-sized mono cable carriers up to large super-duty steel chain designs, KabelSchlepp has the answer.

The comprehensive range, available from Tsubaki Australia, also includes carriers with 3D movement for multi-axis robotic applications and tube types for superior protection from chips and debris.

Made in Germany for more than 50 years and with proven technology used worldwide, KabelSchlepp cable carriers boast the highest quality and reliability.

KabelSchlepp’s OnlineEngineer configuration tool can help you to quickly select and configure the optimal KabelSchlepp cable carrier system for your application.

Other available and helpful design assistance includes application photo and video galleries along with 2D and 3D CAD drawings to save valuable time.

Tsubaki Australia
Ph: 02 9704 2500