Published 14-03-2019



Jungheinrich unveiled a new generation of its successful EKS medium/high level order pickers at LogiMAT 2019. The result of numerous developments, the EKS 412s is the fastest truck with the largest order picking height for use in high-bay warehouses, and achieves optimum performance with high storage density in a small space.

“We have trimmed the new EKS 412s for maximum performance – and in all matters that are important for use in the warehouse: performance, efficiency, ergonomics and safety,” says Jungheinrich Board Member for Marketing and Sales Christian Erlach. “This enables us to offer our customers significantly higher throughput in their narrow aisle warehouse.”

The 412s is equipped with a novel staging-free triplex telescopic mast, which is unique in its class. At more than 14m, it offers the largest order picking height on the market, and with a lifting speed of 0.5m/s, it is 25 per cent faster than its predecessor, already the fastest currently available.

The 412s combines performance and energy efficiency. By using a fuel-efficient synchronous reluctance motor, Jungheinrich has halved the energy losses on the motor side, increasing the efficiency of the motor. In addition, the redesign has significantly reduced the overall weight. Combined, these result in energy savings of more than 10 per cent.

The 412s has two battery options: proven lead-acid batteries and modern lithium-ion technology. Jungheinrich guarantees that a lead-acid battery powered model can cover two shifts with just one battery charge, saving time and reducing operating costs. The use of lithium-ion technology guarantees high performance and maintenance freedom, fast charging time and a particularly long service life. Jungheinrich offers customers a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee for its lithium-ion technology with a full conversion right.

During the development process, great importance was given to the needs of the driver. The transition-free strokes of the telescopic mast avoid shock impacts, ensure comfort and enable high-performance operation. Handling the 412s is particularly easy thanks to the optimised controls with all functions within reach. All relevant information can be viewed at a glance on the operator’s large colour display. With its barely noticeable actuation force, the new presence button is particularly user-friendly.

Growing dynamics in the warehouse are creating ever more potential dangers, so safety was another focus. Additional windows in the cabin’s rear wall ensure significantly improved all-round visibility. Intelligent assistance systems ensure maximum safety combined with high travel dynamics and performance. These include a mobile personal protection and collision protection system, which uses obstacle detection by laser scanners to ensure that the 412s complies with the necessary safety clearances. This enables the use of multiple trucks in a narrow aisle.

The Jungheinrich warehouseNavigation system provides an additional increase in performance and efficiency. Using the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface software, the truck can be easily and safely integrated into the IT system landscape available to the customer. Using RFID transponders in the ground, the truck detects its current position within the aisle. The operator simply has to give the travel/lift command and the truck approaches the pallet location automatically in diagonal travel mode.

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