Treotham is offering two new internationally proven PMA conduits for the rail industry.

The first is a new JXPCSF over-extruded conduit with orange inner layer designed for both dynamic and static external use. This flexible, heavy-duty conduit consists of two layers of high-grade, specially formulated polyamide 12 and has excellent UV resistance.

It can be used on rail vehicles, on the roof, in-between carriages and on the bogies in temperatures from -50 to +95°C continuous (or up to +150°C short term). Its self-extinguishing material is resistant to chemicals and cleaning agents, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The second new PMA conduit is an XVCSF multilayer with blue inner layer. This product is only suited to static applications such as on the under-carriage or bogies. It is self-extinguishing and features high compression and impact strengths at low temperature and low humidity. Recommended temperature range is from -50 to +105°C continuous, or up to +160°C short term. The UV-resistant inner and outer layers of this flexible conduit are made from specially formulated polyamide 6 that is free from both halogens and cadmium.

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