Great Measure of Precision Courtesy of BOKERS, Inc.


In the test and measurement instrumentation industry precision counts. From benchtop lab measurements and testing systems to advanced hand-held and wireless test devices, precision is mission-critical in instrument manufacturing.

The precision stampings, washers, spacers and shims available from BOKERS, Inc. are the choice of many OEMs with the need for precision.

From tight tolerance narrow web washers designed to hold fragile lenses on digital microscopes, to custom non-metallic washers that help protect delicate probe and sensors from shock, BOKERS, Inc. is the provider of choice, the industries that demand precision.

Instruments in test and measurement environments will often require different material demands. BOKERS, Inc. offers customers immediate access to an array of over 2000 commonly used and hard to find material choices.

Their deep understanding of the quality and tolerance requirements for all measures of precision means BOKERS, Inc. is able to fulfill complex, low to high volume orders on time.

Now if your specific requirement aren’t met by their vast stock offerings BOKERS, Inc. in-house tooling department can design and produce custom tooling to meet your application needs.

For precision, tight tolerances and quality for the most advanced instrumentation parts and components you’ll find the resources, experience and capabilities of BOKERS, Inc. measures up to your expectation.

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