Govt invests in Aussie innovations


A new car seatbelt that also loops around the top of the legs, online software that analyses telephone bills and recommends the best plans and providers, and a low-odour aerosol paint are among 14 Australian innovations to share Australian Government grants to help bring them to market.

Senator Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, has released details of 14 projects that will share a total of $985,600 in Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) funding.

These include:

  • Lifebelt (SA) which has developed a universal integrated car seatbelt to help prevent ejection or crushing injuries. Similar in use and appearance to an existing 3 point belt, the new belt also runs over the top of the legs and through the car seat. This forms a loop round the legs.Lifebelt is the work of two doctors who have been treating motor vehicle injuries they believed could have been avoided.
    (Contact: Lino Fusco 0413 984 938)
  • Billsuite Holdings (NSW) has developed online software that analyses a business’ telephone bills and recommends the best plans and providers based on the customer's usage. It is even able to broker the best deal for the customer by linking to service providers’ sales systems. The analysis covers all services (fixed line, mobile, data) and all providers in the Australian market.  The platform can be simulated in other overseas markets. It can also be used within organisations to better analyse and manage their telecoms costs. (Contact Sam Ayad 0409 362 007)
  • Can-Tek Aerosols, of Victoria, has developed a low-odour aerosol paint for safer use in confined areas. It uses a bio fuel based propellant to replace LPG. (Contact: Ross Brinsdon 03 9796 7020 or 0413 736 762).

COMET is helping great Australian innovations gain a foothold in the marketplace, as well as boosting our economy and supporting high-wage, high-skill jobs.

The COMET program is one of more than 30 business programs delivered by AusIndustry. A list of the grants announced today is attached and can be found at:


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