Published 06-10-2021

Government Boosts Manufacturing with $30M Project


A new global-leading medicine manufacturing facility is soon to be designed that will produce vital nuclear medicines and support 1000 highly-skilled jobs across the country.

Replacing an existing facility in the southern Sydney suburb of Lucas Heights the site is the base for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) to make approximately 80% of nuclear medicine isotopes used to fight diseases such as cancer.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Angus Taylor announced that along with improving health care in Australia, the new project would also support nearly 1000 highly-skilled jobs. “Nuclear medicine is an essential part of an advanced healthcare system and helps save lives – that’s why we’re acting to secure a reliable nuclear medicine supply for future generations,” Mr Taylor said.

“By funding the productive infrastructure that supports the delivery of nuclear medicine services, we are also investing in future industry development and in onshore, highly-skilled jobs such as nuclear medicine researchers, developers and practitioners.

“It will also support radiopharmaceutical research and development and contribute to research translation and medical industry collaboration, to improve health care in Australia.”

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham made comment, saying: “Through this $30 million commitment, we’ve laid the foundations for this facility, with private sector collaboration important to now realise its full benefits.”

“There is huge potential for partnerships in this new state-of-the-art facility which will save Australian lives, support thousands of jobs and further enhance our sovereign capability in this important area of medicine.”


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