The combination of a Venturi-Aeration system and Gorman-Rupp pumps has cleared the air at a South Australian wastewater treatment plant.

The treatment system, part of a chicken processing plant, consisted of a 350,000-litre tank with in-flows exceeding four megalitres per day. The plant’s operators sought an aeration system that would reduce odours, was easy to maintain, and was safe for operators.

Engineers at the plant spoke to Australian pump and aeration specialist Hydro Innovations, and selected a Venturi-Aeration system consisting of two VA-1100 (6”) venturi-aerators “powered” by two Gorman-Rupp model V6A60-B pumps with a combined discharge rate of 140 litres per second.

The Gorman-Rupp pumps draw wastewater from the tank and discharge it at pressure into the venturi-aerators. Air is drawn into the aerator at a ratio 2.2 times the pump flow, where it is mixed with the wastewater.

Water is then discharged back into the tank, where “hydraulic sheer” facilitates the release of soluble gasses and volatiles from the water, which is now saturated with dissolved oxygen.

The discharge of the two aerators was set up tangential to the side wall to induce a “spin” to the contents of the tank, causing solids to migrate to the centre where the pump suction lines are positioned.

The solids are then smashed through the pump and aerator to reduce their size and make them move available for biological reaction.

Hydro Innovations regional manager Shaun Allgood recently visited the plant and noted that everything had been installed perfectly and was operating well.

A spokesperson for the plant says they have no problems at all with the system.

The plant has found the system very easy to access for monitoring and maintenance since it’s located outside of the tank, rather that inside it or on it. No lifting apparatus is necessary to access equipment, and there is no risk from “working over water” or “working at heights”.

Smaller projects are possible with the use of smaller venturi-aerators, which are available in 50mm, 80mm, 100mm and 150mm sizes. Larger projects are approached by using multiples of the larger unit, sometimes using a dedicated large pump to “drive” two, three or even four venturi aerators.

For more information, contact Hydro Innovations or visit

Hydro Innovations
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