Get in the fast lane with these auto systems


Actisafe now offers customised workshop cabinets with integrated benches for the automotive and general component workshop sectors.

Actisafe can analyse specific requirements and design an integrated solution to fit any need.

Fitted out with heavy-duty workbenches that handle the toughest of industry applications, a common solution contains stainless steel drawer units as well as oil reel and covered cloth dispensers for technicians.

Items dedicated to waste management systems can be added.

This may include areas that are sectioned off and enclosed for waste rags, or covered bins for waste oil filters and general waste separation.

These are all possible in their own separate compartments to facilitate not only collection but also easy disposal to allocated recycling bins.

This separates the waste at the source rather than having to complete the task at the end of the day or week.

Units can be custom made according to requirements, with any amount of stainless steel. Also, panels can be powder coated in any colour.

The system can be integrated with fan systems to keep the work environment cool and damp-free in hot weather.

As with all Actisafe cabinet products, a long lifespan can be expected.

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