Published 17-06-2021
| Article appears in June 2021 Issue

Gates sets new benchmarks in industrial hose products


Gates Australia has released a number of innovative new fluid power products into the Australian and New Zealand markets in the past 18 months. All set new benchmarks over traditional industrial hose products.

Gates’ product development teams have created innovative new products that deliver in four core areas:

LESS WEIGHT: Gates designed these products to be lower weight for easier handling, quicker installation, and reduced equipment weight.

EASIER INSTALLATION: Gates’ latest innovations require significantly less force to bend for safer, quicker, and less tiring routing and installation.

ADVANCED PERFORMANCE: The product of Gates’ materials science expertise, these innovative products are engineered to deliver mission critical performance for demanding applications and tough conditions.

STREAMLINED SELECTION: Gates has qualified these latest innovations to multiple industry specifications – making it easier to know you have the right hose for the job.

Some of these new products include:

MXT was designed to address our customers’ evolving application challenges. Using materials science and process innovation, combined with a patent-pending construction, Gates offers a hydraulic solution that is lighter, stronger, and more flexible. Made with strong, high-performance reinforcement and high quality, abrasion-resistant rubber, MXT is a universally applicable premium product offering performance above industry standards. Its diversified application allows you to consolidate inventory while giving you exactly the hose you need, when you need it.

Now with Gates’ XtraTuff Plus cover, the MXT hose offers improved abrasion and ozone resistance, delivering increased durability to power your most demanding fluid power applications.


  • More flexible with up to 40% lower force-to-bend
  • For faster and more ergonomic installation
  • Up to 30% lighter weight for easier handling
  • Tested to 3X impulse criteria (600,000 cycles)
  • Consolidate inventory with a universal, multiuse hose
  • Compatible with MegaCrimp Couplings and Gates Crimpers



Built with our proprietary wire-braid process technology, the MegaSys MXG 4K hose is lightweight, highly flexible, and qualified to one million impulse cycles – it’s a drop-in replacement for conventional spiral hoses.


  • Exceeds performance criteria of ISO 18752 280DC, SAE 100R12, EN856 R12, and ISO 3862 R12; size -16 also rated for EN856 4SP
  • For inventory consolidation, also exceeds SAE 100R19
  • 1,000,000 cycle impulse life exceeds industry standards (2X spiral and 5X wire braid standards) with GS couplings
  • Impulse tested to the same parameters as Gates EFG4K spiral hose (pressure, temperature and bend radius)
  • Compact construction with excellent flexibility and lower force-to-bend for faster and more ergonomic installation (force-to-bend is 40% better and OD is 8% smaller)
  • 30% lighter weight for easier handling and installation
  • Gates XtraTuff™ Plus cover comes standard on MXG, providing abrasion and ozone resistance
  • Utilises Gates GS GlobalSpiral™ couplings compatible with Gates Crimpers



One hose engineered for three industrial applications: fuel, hydraulic return, and coolant. Gates’ Multi Master GMV MegaFlex delivers superior performance and ultimate flexibility.


  • One multi-use hose that meets SAE 100R4, J30R5, J20R5* (*except tube dimensions)
  • Easy installation with 1:1 bend radius
  • Light weight and ergonomic
  • ARPM Class A Tube for maximum oil resistance
  • Sizes range from 3/4” to 6” and working pressures 150 to 350psi
  • MSHA approved cover for flame resistance




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