Published 20-05-2021
| Article appears in June 2021 Issue

FS10A Analyser Flow Switch/Monitor contributes to improved standards


The Model FS10A Analyser Flow Switch/Monitor from Fluid Components International (FCI) is a compact flow switch/monitor that can be easily incorporated into gas and liquid process analyser sampling systems.

It is ideal for gas and liquid sampling systems in oil/gas refining, chemical processing, stack monitoring, advanced materials and even pharmaceutical semiconductor fabrication.

Using an SP76 adapter that supports and/or integrates easily with NeSSI standard compliant hardware, allows the FS10A Analyser Flow Switch/Monitor to be installed into a standardised mechanical platform for analysers and sensors. 

The NeSSI (New Sampling/Sensor Initiative) has been evolving for two decades and an industry-driven effort to define and promote analyser and sensor standardisation. 

In NeSSI compliant devices, sample system components such as the FS10A can be mounted onto a standard fluidic interface for modular surface-mount components. Features include standard wiring and communications interfaces and a standard platform for micro analytics. 

The FS10A conforms to NeSSI Generation I and is prepped for Generation II and III compliance. It requires only a single 1.5-x-1.5-inch SP76 base. 

The breakthrough FS10A Analyser Flow Switch/Monitor represents the next-generation, lowest-cost solution for continuously verifying flows within liquid or gas process analyser sampling systems. 

It is a small, lightweight instrument featuring superior low flow sensitivity, a choice of electronic outputs and a no-moving parts design that ensures maximum reliability. 

The FS10A is ideally suited for continuous monitoring of analyser sample flows to provide the highest integrity process analysis without interruption. 

Featuring a precision flow sensor element with no moving parts to clog or maintain, the FS10A ensures continuous reliability and requires virtually no maintenance. The instrument’s wetted parts are corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel with Hastelloy-C sensor tips. 

The FS10A Analyser Flow Switch/Monitor can be used with nearly all types of process and emissions sampling systems, including: gas chromatographs (GCs), mass spectrometers, optical spectrometers, photometers and others. 

The FS10A Analyser Flow Switch fits in a standard 0.25 inch tube tee as well as the SP76 adapter (ANSI/ISA Standard 76.00.02-2002, Modular Component Interfaces for Surface-Mount Fluid Distribution Components). 

Operating over a wide flow range in multiple configurations, the FS10A features a flow range in air from 50 to 20,000 cc/min, and a flow range in water from 4 to 100 cc/min. 

It accommodates wide turndowns with a ratio up to 100:1. A single model can be used for most gas and liquid applications with a simple in-field set up. 

The FS10A is designed with a fully-sealed aluminium housing to protect electronics in harsh plant environments. The electronics can be integral mounted with the sensor element in a uni-body configuration or remotely mounted for easy front panel display viewing. 

The FS10A features a top-mounted, 10-LED array and two pressure-sensitive button touch controls. The LED display provides users visibility of flow rate trend, alarm status and power on/off. The flow switch’s set-up and setpoint values can be changed via the two push-buttons or via its standard RS232C serial interface. 

The FS10A is available with a choice of electronic outputs. The switch output can be either an open collector (transistor) or a 1A relay settable for NO or NC operation. The switch settings are user programmable for trip control of hysteresis and time delay. An optional 4-20 mA output is available for trending, which is field settable to represent the flow rate span. 

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