Bernadette Eriksen, Flavour Creations

Brisbane-based food technology and innovation company Flavour Creations has launched a programme for emerging leaders in manufacturing.

The programme accelerates employees’ career potential and shapes their leadership experience through practical opportunities and learning modules related to the manufacturing industry, including finance, quality assurance, workplace health and safety, customer awareness and new product development.

Flavour Creations founder and CEO Bernadette Eriksen says the programme also develops skills in communication, time management, problem solving and project management.

“Leadership is an important part of career progression and something that Flavour Creations cares passionately about,” she says.

Flavour Creations is a privately held, wholly Australian owned and operated company employing about 100 people. It researches, develops and manufactures innovative food and beverage products to support a healthy lifestyle and improve the lives of thousands of Australians living with a swallowing disorder called dysphagia.

The condition affects up to half of residents in aged care facilities. It can result in discomfort, coughing and choking, as well as dehydration and malnutrition. Fluids or foods may enter the trachea and lungs leading to infection and pneumonia.

“Flavour Creations’ mission is to create innovative solutions to enhance the quality of human life – and that includes the lives of our staff,” Eriksen says. “Our Emerging Leaders Programme will provide our staff with skills they can apply in any industry or social leadership positions such as sporting clubs, school associations or community groups.”

She also outlines Flavour Creations’ new safety awareness programme, and the introduction of an accessible, technology-based training platform that will improve staff skills development and do away with paper-based procedures.

“Our staff are a team,” she says. “They make our business and that’s why investing in our team ensures the success of both our people and our company.”

Queensland’s Minister for Employment and Small Business, and Training and Skills Development, Shannon Fentiman met the inaugural participants during a tour of the company’s factory.

“This fantastic new programme will assist in making sure we have the skilled workers for the growing manufacturing industry,” she said.

“It’s great that local business Flavour Creations is taking that extra step to provide its staff with quality skills development that will not only enhance the business but improve their staff’s capabilities and employability for the future.”

Flavour Creations
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