One night in the midst of vintage, surely the most hectic time for any winery, Damon Eastaugh of Margaret River vineyard Flying Fish Cove faced a serious problem.

The Flying Fish wastewater surface aerator had broken down.

For Damon, it wasn’t the most desirable situation to find himself in. Being amid a global pandemic, which could complicate potential repairs or replacement, didn’t help.

Flying Fish Cove was in need of a simple, reliable and efficient replacement system, and fast.

Damon had heard of bank-mounted aerators and wondered how effective they would be on his site. Perhaps they’d be simpler to maintain, and allow him to avoid in the future the annoying and costly situation he’d ended up in.

To find out more, he placed a call to the experts at Hydro Innovations.

The Hydro Innovations team was able to explain the benefits of the bank-mounted Venturi Aerator. The chief improvement of a bank-mounted aerator over its surface cousin is that because it’s mounted on the bank of the lagoon, maintenance and servicing is much simpler.

This means the equipment is easily able to be regularly serviced and thus enjoy a longer lifespan than aerators that are difficult to access.

The Venturi Aerator does not need any special equipment such as cranes or row boats, or any complicated annual certifications for servicing and maintenance.

Best of all, the Venturi could easily be retrofitted into the Flying Fish Cove setup to reduce any operational downtime.

Not only was Damon happy with the pump and the price, he was thrilled that Hydro Innovations could get the system to him and solve his problem in less than four weeks – including transport from the east coast to Western Australia.

Damon was not disappointed with his new purchase. Shortly after installation, his BOD had gone down by 1400 ppm from the previous month.

Also instrumental in the Flying Fish Cove solution was the fact that Hydro Innovations keeps a wide range of products in stock and on hand, even throughout the 2020 pandemic.

Today, the fish are flying as high as ever thanks to the quick and expert work of Hydro Innovations.

Hydro Innovations
02 9898 1800

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