FLIR launches world first: IR cameras that ‘talk’


FLIR has launched MeterLink, an industry-first wireless connection between selected FLIR cameras and Extech (a FLIR subsidiary) measurement instruments enabling them to “talk” to each other.

This revolutionary technology developed by FLIR is the first time an IR camera is able to interact with more parameters in different applications.

The MeterLink simplifies the work of an electrical or building inspector by making it possible to transfer, via Bluetooth, the data acquired by the measurement instrument into the infrared camera and implement it on the infrared image for accurate, coordinated documentation.

The new MeterLink technology saves time and eliminates the risk of faulty records or notes. For example, during infrared inspections of electrical components, users can transmit key electrical readings such as current or

voltage from a MeterLink-enabled Extech EX845 1000A AC/DC clamp meter directly to a FLIR infrared camera.

For building-related professionals concerned with tracking moisture and water ingress, MeterLink works with the Extech InspectorPro MO297 multi-function moisture meter and psychrometer.
“MeterLink enables FLIR customers to integrate valuable readings from advanced, multifunction Extech meters into one format, infrared image,” said Roger Christiansz, general manager FLIR Systems Australia.

“MeterLink and the related connectivity features we are introducing represent FLIR’s commitment to driving innovation and leadership in the infrared camera industry.”

The new, industry-first features include:

• MeterLink –  Bluetooth-based connectivity with Extech measurement instruments
• Instant Reports – In-camera application generates PDF inspection reports on-the-go. Inspectors can easily compile images and findings into a fully-formatted PDF report that can be given to a client at a job site via USB memory stick.
• Bluetooth Voice Annotation – Connectivity to BluetoothTM handsfree headsets. Inspectors can now connect a BluetoothTM wireless headset to a FLIR infrared camera for easier recording of voice comments associated with their inspections.
• Copy-to-USB – Transfer onboard images or reports directly to a USB memory stick. Copy-to-USB increases customer convenience by saving time and simplifying file sharing without the need for a PC, USB cable, internet, or email.
• IR Window Auto-Correction – Automatic sensitivity compensation for IR windows. IR Window Auto-Correction ensures thermographers get connected to accurate diagnostics when protective safety interfaces, like view ports or IR windows are needed.

FLIR SYSTEMS Australia Pty Ltd
Ph: 03 9550 28 00

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