FDB Panel Fittings offering DIRAK swinghandle range for specialist cabinets

Dirak swinghandle

FDB Panel Fittings is pleased to announce ex-stock availability of the ever-growing DIRAK swinghandle series.

In comparison with simple quarter-turn locks, swinghandles offer a much higher torque capability than standard quarter-turn latches and consequently greater closing force is available.

This is important for enclosures with thick gaskets or for larger doors with rod latches where multi-point closure is employed for greater sealing or security.

With DIRAK swinghandles, access control to server racks can be professionally managed and, alongside conventional swinghandles, FDB offers safety-tested variants of the swinghandle range, e.g. with one locking cylinder or with two tandem locking cylinders.

As special equipment, FDB offer swinghandles with mechatronically secured latches, locking cylinder or actuator, also flush-mounted and standard raised handle variants. Some designs feature tool-free installation, with versions in zinc die-cast, polyamide or stainless steel.

Design styles include low profile, Trimline, vandal-resistant, dual key security or padlockable. A swinghandle with LED status indicator is also offered.

Sealing performance is to IP65 in black, chrome-plated or stainless with profile cylinder, key cylinder, combination lock, square threaded rod actuation, and KABA cylinder being available.

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