Published 02-11-2021

Exciting Kaishan Traineeship Opportunities


The compressed-air company addresses urgent industry needs with breakthrough scheme

While there is a chronic trade skill shortage impacting most industries, Kaishan Australia has taken on the enormous commitment to implement an ongoing, specialised skills training program that should pay huge dividends in the future.

With an insight into their own compressed air industry, which is vital in the generation of power for a multitude of different industry operations, the company has embarked on an apprenticeship program that will ensure a continuing deployment of fully trained and qualified service technicians to support their customers now and into the future,

With the first of these ‘trainees’ completing their apprenticeship this year and the next now completing their first year, the company is realising the value of such commitment.

‘Cooper’, now fully trained, both through trade school and with extensive in-house and field operational practical experience, was rewarded with his own ‘Mobile Workshop’, with the full confidence of the Kaishan Australia service department.

Shane O’Brien, National Operations Manager at Kaishan Australia stated: “Cooper demonstrates a thorough knowledge of a variety of different compressed air equipment and technology that is already appreciated by his peers and our customers alike. He is now fully capable of assessing and rectifying a myriad of different problems typically found in any compressed air system and has already become an invaluable asset to the company. “Cooper will be provided with every support and encouragement to continue and grow within his chosen career at Kaishan.”

After completing his first year of a mechanical apprenticeship at TAFE plus obtaining a high level of practical experience gained through working with existing Kaishan technicians in the workshop and in the field, first year apprentice ‘Damon’ is well on his way to mastering a unique skill set that will ensure he plays a key role in the future of the company and compressed air industry.   

Mark Ferguson, CEO, stated: “We realise the importance of developing our service and support workforce with the capability to keep abreast of current and emerging technologies in the compressed air industry. We can complain about the ongoing skills shortage, or we can become part of the solution. We chose the latter. Our challenge will be to ensure that these vital skills are retained in the company through creating an attractive work environment, competitive remuneration packages and new opportunities that reward their skills and commitment”. 

Kaishan’s intention is to take on at least one new apprentice every year. Any aspiring young person with an interest and aptitude in electrical and mechanical skill sets is welcome to enquire regarding the company’s apprenticeship program.

Make contact at Kaishan Australia Pty Ltd, 1300 098 901 or



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