Epson Australia has launched its new EH-TW5700 projector, which features an in-built Chromecast for viewing your favourite entertainment from a smartphone or tablet.

The flagship built-in feature of the EH-TW5700 is the voice-controlled Epson Smart Media Player, which enables wireless streaming of over 4,000 apps without the need for an external smart device.

With excellent image quality and overall viewing experience, the EH-TW5700 is an ideal way to experience big screen TV, and is packed with high-quality features.

Viewers can enjoy Full HD movies thanks to the 1080p resolution, which displays your content up to 330 inches on virtually any wall or screen. It also pumps out white and colour brightness at 2700 Lumens and enjoys a contrast ratio up to 35,000:1.

Clever Detail Enhancement makes DVDs and other standard definition content come alive via mixed colour separation techniques and imaging simulation that delivers crisp, clear images. It also further sharpens blurry images affected by upscaling and uses frame interpolation for an overall more seamless image – especially for sport and fast motion content.

Gamers can heighten their experience with advanced features including 21:9 ultra-wide mode and dark gamma uplift.

To top it off, the vertical auto keystone correction and a 1-1.2x zoom ratio allows for quick and easy installation in a variety of spaces, and you can connect to the EH-TW5700 from virtually any device. A new, intuitive and customisable home screen puts all the most commonly used functions at your fingertips, making operation simple, straightforward and speedy.

Epson’s new EH-TW5700 will be available in September 2020 from authorised Epson retailers and resellers, or via

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