New from FCI, the ST100 Series Thermal Flow Meter is ideal for use with thermal oxidiser systems. The ST100 offers a fast response, excellent repeatability and requires virtually no maintenance thanks to their rugged, no-moving parts design.

The ST100 features single- or dual-point thermal dispersion technology that combines precision flow sensors with feature- and function-rich electronics. Their digital display and transmitter meet both current and future needs for outputs, process information and communications with a choice of traditional analogue or digital bus communications.

Also from FCI, the MT100 Thermal Flow Meter is an insertion type, multipoint instrument designed for complex thermal oxidiser systems, such as those with larger diameter pipes, flues or rectangular ducts.

Ordinary flow meters have difficulty with such applications because of distorted flow profiles or lack of a straight run, which can lead to inaccurate and non-repeatable flow measurement.

The MT100 meter places up to eight flow sensing points in the flow stream and averages them, resulting in highly accurate and repeatable flow rate measurement.

Thermal oxidisers remove greenhouse gases from production process waste, flue and tail emissions before their release into the environment to meet federal, state and local clean air regulations.

The thermal oxidation process is used to destroy HAPs and VOCs, converting them into carbon dioxide and water vapour. While there are multiple manufacturers, designs and types of thermal oxidiser systems, they all depend on accurate air/gas flow measurement as these waste gases enter and exit the system.

The FCI ST100 with VIP Flow Conditioner provides mass flow measurement over a wide flow range of solvent laden air, combustion air, natural gas feed and exhaust air. There is no significant pressure drop and the meter is easy to install in crowded locations with an optional hot tap version.

For multipoint flow, the models ST102 and MT100 offer dual-sensing or multi-point sensing respectively, for larger line sizes.

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