Published 24-11-2020
| Article appears in February 2021 Issue

Electronic Flow Controller Courtesy of Cordis


The highly anticipated Electronic Flow Controller is here.

It’s different from the Cordis Pressure Controller, as the Flow Controller utilizes an extremely fast reacting mems technology sensor upstream of Clippard’s proportional valve.

Adding the optional DR-2 Regulator for accurate and precise pressure control makes for a very small, compact package by eliminating the need for an external regulated supply.

Unlike other mass flow controllers that require a 30-minute warm-up period, large differential pressures, limited flow ranges, the Cordis Flow Controller requires less than one minute warm-up, Pressure drop is equal to or less than 14” H2O, and flow ranges as low as 0 to 30 sccm.

The Cordis Flow Controller comes with standard control options such as 0.2 to 10 VDC, 4.32 to 20 mA and 3.3 VDC Serial.

This flow controller allows for the same customer custom changes within their application as the Cordis Pressure Controller.

This controller also comes in an IP65 housing for light industrial applications when needed.

The Cordis uses a micro-controller, integral flow sensor, DR-2 regulator and one proportional valve.

Supply gas is connected to the regulator which accurately maintains pressure to the flow sensor and the Clippard EVP or DVP proportional valve.

As command is increased, the comparative circuit opens the valve to allow flow to pass through the onboard flow sensor which in turn provides an active feedback signal for the micro-controller to satisfy the flow setpoint in the process.

If at any point the flow sensor detects a value higher or lower than the setpoint command, the proportional valve will modulate more or less output to maintain a stable and accurate control of flow in the process.

The primary Cordis Features include; 50:1 turndown ratio and compact size and weight H2O pressure drop <”; < 1-minute warm-up, multiple low flow ranges,<msresponse time and finally, <25mV resolution.



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