The production leader of customised extrusion systems has worked closely with Danish manufacturer Staal og Plast to come up with the best solution for the even watering of plants in greenhouses.

Extrusion specialist Battenfeld Cincinnati’s extruders complement Staal og Plast’s greenhouse ebb & flow tray production in Denmark through their use of the world’s largest thermoforming line with a footprint of 20 square metres.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati extruders transform 3mm thick HI-semi-finished PS sheet into ebb & flow trays that supply water to greenhouse plants.

The extruded ebb & flow trays are up to eight metres long and 2.5 metres wide. Germany based Battenfeld Cincinnati installed a sheet extrusion line with throughput rates of up to 3,000 kg/h using the specially developed food grade UV resistant material formulation.

The new co-extrusion line utilizes a 1-75 T6.1 high-speed main extruder rated up to 3000 kg/h. The material for the outer layers of the 3-layer composite sheet is provided by two 1-75 T2.1 high-speed co-extruders capable of outputs up to 500 kg/h.

The high calibre of extrusion is a good fit to the Staal Og Plast rib quality trays with a record reach of up to 70% market clientele worldwide.

And the market leader Staal Og Plast continues to grow. Its fourfold increase in production capacity at the Danish facility is down to the installation of the high-speed line. The company has established a subsidiary in Chicago which is also equipped with the innovative thermoforming line.

With the support of the Battenfeld Cincinnati range, Staal og Plast can offer the right trays for every type of green house in the desired size where absolute flatness must be ensured as a prerequisite for even watering of every plant. The Battenfeld-Cincinnati lineup is available in Oceania through HBM Plastics Technologies.

HBM Plastics Technologies
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