Published 20-04-2021
| Article appears in April 2021 Issue

E2S Warning Signals upgrades M series industrial alarm horn sounders


E2S Warning Signals, global leader in audible and visual notification devices, has introduced the next generation of its M range industrial alarm horn sounders.

The new MA1F and the MA2F employ the enclosure and mounting as previous MA112 and MA121 versions but now feature enhanced electronics containing the latest in D Class amplifier technology, with lower in-rush current, wider voltage range, lower current consumption and improved alarm tone choice and control.

The MA1F uses a standard directional flare horn; the MA1R features the innovative E2S ‘1R’ omni-directional horn that is particularly suitable for applications requiring a compact device.

For higher sound output requirements, the new MA2H alarm horn sounder utilises the new E2S ‘2H’ super high output flare horn, which is engineered to maximise audible signalling performance across the widest range of frequencies at a sound level of up to 130dB(A).

The alarm horn sounder DC voltage range is now extended from 10 to 60VDC, and the AC versions have a universal power supply accepting inputs from 100 to 240VAC. Higher voltage DC versions are available on request.

The MA1 versions are factory set to a low current consumption of only 224mA at 24VDC with a sound output of 117dB(A). The MA2 versions feature two user selectable power modes that provide the optimum combinations of current consumption and sound output: 391mA and 126dB(A) to 888mA and 130dB(A).

A total of four remotely selectable alarm stages/channels are standard and can be activated by a variety of methods. A new set of 64 alarm tone frequencies can be independently set as either first or second stage. Pluggable, duplicated cable terminals simplify installation. 

Combined audible/visual units also benefit from the next generation sounder electronics - the MC1X05 with Xenon strobe beacon and MC1LD2 with high output LED. 

All units feature robust, thermoplastic fire-retardant enclosures with 316 (A4) stainless steel mounting brackets – ideal for applications in harsh environments where Type 4/4X/13/3R IP66/67 protection is required.


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