The R&D team at Teralba Industries continues to refine the company’s highly efficient and effective Dimpleflo tubular heat exchanger. Constantly striving to increase heat transfer coefficients, the team uses different configurations of dimples at various depths to produce the optimum heat exchanger for viscous and fouling products.

The turbulence enhancing deformations (the dimples) generate eddies and vortices that disrupt the laminar flow. This has the added benefit of minimising fouling – particularly in UHT and high-temperature processing applications where fouling and burn-on can be an issue with conventional double-tube heat exchangers.

The photo illustrates how the Dimpleflo tubing causes turbulence in the flow of a thick sticky product such as jam.

Dimpleflo heat exchangers have been successfully installed in diverse applications from processing human blood to heating sewerage sludge in anaerobic digesters. And with more than 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of Dimpleflo, Teralba reckons it has a heat exchanger that can be used to heat and/or cool any product.

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