Demag gets its name in lights at world stadium


One of the largest video modules in Europe is suspended high above a state-of-the-art sporting stadium in Bucharest using Demag hoist technology.

Weighing some 36 tonnes, the multimedia element is integrated into a wire rope suspension system that is installed above the new national stadium in the Romanian capital.

Four Demag rope hoists and Demag drive components help to ensure that the video module can be lowered and lifted again safely and precisely depending on the needs of the event.

The S[quadrat] GmbH company, based in Schwanstetten, Germany, is responsible for the development, planning and installation of the video module.

“For the project in Bucharest, we looked for and found a partner with a proven track record of technical expertise and experience in the implementation of comparable solutions”, says Mark Siedentopf, GM of Squadrat.

The company has grown to become a leading supplier of multimedia information systems.

“Demag Cranes also provided us with good advice on safety and efficiency. Precision, time management and logistics were specified and delivered.”

The state of Romania and the city of Bucharest invested about $170 million in the construction of the new national stadium Arena Nationala, which was officially inaugurated last August.

The arena, 210m long and 190m wide, can accommodate 55,000 spectators.

It is the largest football stadium in the country and will host UEFA Champions League games.

The video module, which is 11.5m wide, 9m long and 9.2m high, is installed above the centre of the playing field.

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