Published 11-08-2020
| Article appears in August 2020 Issue



Backplane Systems Technology has released the new Sintrones’ ABOX-5200G4 AI GPU computing powered fanless computer.

ABOX-5200G4 fanless computers can be used in conjunction with AIoT and Smart Cities to assist in the detection of objects, basic classification and to alert drivers. It supports various applications including traffic flow analysis, surveillance and security, smart parking and autonomous vehicle operations.

Powered by Intel Gen 8th 6 Cores i7 CPU and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU supporting 1280 CUDA Cores, the ABOX-5200G4 has been engineered using Dual Hot Swappable SATA Storage Raid 0,1,5.

Available ports include 10x GbE (optional 8x PoE), 3x COM, 3x DP, 4x HDMI and 4x USB 3.0 for a wide variety of connections.

The ABOX-5200G4 has the ability to process deep learning operations thanks to its NVIDIA GPU technology. It can also support end-to-end deep learning solutions, which plays a vital role in managing autonomous vehicles and factory automation.

Additionally, an optional internal battery kit is capable of up to 10 minutes of operation (SINTRONE patented technology). There’s 9-48VDC input as well as a wide range of operating temperatures from -40 degrees C to 70 degrees, allowing the ABOX-5200G4 to operate in extreme and rugged environmental conditions.

Backplane Systems Technology
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