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Many distribution centres and warehouses focus primary resources on traditional materials handling equipment such as gravity or standard powered live roller (lineshaft) conveyor systems.

Most companies do not consider the extra costs of installing a conveyor system aside from the material and engineering purchased from the vendor or integrator. Traditional 415V conveyors require large electrical panels, as well as extensive onsite PLC programming.

Much of this cost initially looks to be advantageous at the hardware level, but implementation costs can easily drive these costs skyward as most of the real work is done at the customer’s site.

Now Cornerstone Automation Systems Inc (CASI) offers the perfect solution – the 24-Volt conveyor.

This has many advantages over its 415V counterpart.

The new 24V technology is not only quieter, but it’s less expensive to install and uses less power.

Most companies do not run more than 60 cartons per minute. In fact, the majority of centres run at far less throughput. About 15-40 per minute is more typical.

If your distribution centre is one of the 90 per cent plus in this situation, 24V systems are a great, cost saving alternative to traditional conveyor systems.

Advantages include:

  • Built-in logic and controls (cartons will not touch each other, zero pressure accumulation built in)
  • Installation only requires standard 240V plug in/drop
  • No onsite programming required
  • Minimal PLC to integrate with existing conveyors or in places where 24volt may not be the best solution
  • Uses less power than a 415V system – 24V conveyors automatically turn off when not in use. If there is no box present in a particular zone it turns off.
  • Conveyor noise is drastically reduced. 24V systems are extremely quiet.

In summary, most materials handling conveyor systems will benefit from advantages that traditional 415V systems simply do not deliver.

CASI is a manufacturer that designs and implements state-of-the art materials handling, packaging and manufacturing automation. They differ from most of their competition in that they are not a reseller of equipment sourced elsewhere.

CASI is a unique systems manufacturer, in that hardware, software, and controls are designed, engineered and built in-house.

Their expertise in 24V conveyor systems, check weighers, sortation, automation systems, distribution solutions, order fulfilment, labelling, robotics, software, PC/PLC materials handling controls and customization allows infinite flexibility.

Their products assist companies to coordinate material flow through large manufacturing operations, warehouses and distribution centres.

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