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Hercules Engineering has developed a range of bearing pads to help protect structures from vibration, stresses and movement in applications where beams need to be inclined from the supporting structure.

Hercules Taper Plate bearings are custom-engineered with and angle plate made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The customised HDPE plate, which is positioned above the bearing’s sliding surfaces, is machined to create the exact angle required for the beam.

According to Hercules Engineering Manager David Booty: “The HDPE Taper Plate bearing is a cost-efficient alternative to heavier and more rigid machined steel angle plates, for example.

“Not only would such heavy metal plate involve more machining, welding and handling issues, but also its internal structure would be inherently less able to accommodate stresses imparted from the structure by site conditions and by ambient vibration created by vehicle movements and other sources,” he adds.

Hercules Engineering
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