Contactless flow measurement for critical media


Reliability and precision are key characteristics of the C38 SonicLine flowmeter from GEMÜ.

The high quality device, which was originally developed for the semiconductor market, is perfectly suited to applications in other sectors of industry.

The ultrasonic sensors integrated in the SonicLine log up to 250 measured values per second. This means that heavily fluctuating flow rates can also be precisely detected.

All medium wetted components are manufactured from ultra-pure PFA. The electronic measuring equipment comprises a housing made of PP material and is encapsulated during production. This means that all electronic components are hermetically sealed to the outside. This type of manufacturing ensures that the device is especially insensitive to corrosive ambient conditions.

The GEMÜ C38 SonicLine flowmeter is especially suitable for use in conjunction with ultra-pure media, such as DI water, for example.

However, corrosive chemicals, such as sulphuric acid, caustic potash solution or hydrofluoric acid, can also be conducted without any problems. The device can also be used in processes, which need to be completely metal-free.

In addition to pure flow measurement, SonicLine is also used for dosing applications. The valve actuation required for this can be carried out by the integrated electronic system.

This also offers additional functions, such as an empty pipe signal or limit value alarm. Users can make use of an additional interface package, allowing connection to a PC, which can also serve as a power supply. Multilingual software is available to enable individual adaptations by the customer. In addition to an integrated totalizer, the current flow can also be displayed, and all of the basic settings that are required for the operation can be checked and changed.

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