New from Lysaght, the Customflow cladding system combines the manufacturer’s iconic Custom Orb corrugated cladding with the revolutionary new FormFlow C90 corrugated corner to provide the ability to incorporate a continuous corrugated building envelope into their designs.

Developed by Australian manufacturer FormFlow Pty Ltd, FormFlow C90 corners are a world-first patented technology and process that feature a 90-degree angle corrugated corner section formed from a single corrugated sheet. This maintains the integrity of the metallic coating and painted surface of the Colorbond steel material.

The FormFlow C90 corners make possible a smooth transition between corrugated sheet sections at building corners and other right-angled junctions. The need for capping, flashing or other complex corner design is eliminated – just an interlocking join that’s clean, distinctive and laps precisely on-site.

Customflow’s elegant good looks and continuous finish combine to form a structure that may not only be more energy efficient but could also assist in managing a number of situational and environmental factors.

The Lysaght Customflow solution will be available in Victoria from July onwards with availability in other states to follow in the future.

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