Published 23-07-2020
| Article appears in August 2020 Issue



New from Lysaght, the Customflow cladding system combines the manufacturer’s iconic Custom Orb corrugated cladding with the revolutionary new FormFlow C90 corrugated corner to provide the ability to incorporate a continuous corrugated building envelope into their designs.

Developed by Australian manufacturer FormFlow Pty Ltd, FormFlow C90 corners are a world-first patented technology and process that feature a 90-degree angle corrugated corner section formed from a single corrugated sheet. This maintains the integrity of the metallic coating and painted surface of the Colorbond steel material.

The FormFlow C90 corners make possible a smooth transition between corrugated sheet sections at building corners and other right-angled junctions. The need for capping, flashing or other complex corner design is eliminated – just an interlocking join that’s clean, distinctive and laps precisely on-site.

Customflow’s elegant good looks and continuous finish combine to form a structure that may not only be more energy efficient but could also assist in managing a number of situational and environmental factors.

The Lysaght Customflow solution will be available in Victoria from July onwards with availability in other states to follow in the future.

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