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Schmalz has developed a new series of compact ejectors that can be integrated directly into a vacuum gripping system thanks to their slim, lightweight design.

The SCPM family ejectors are ideal for use in space-saving decentralised vacuum generators that combine powerful suction with straightforward integration. Their compact dimensions and high power density allow them to be used very close to the suction cup.

Up to 16 ejectors can ganged together to form a compact pneumatic unit with just one connection. This means that users can set up and individually control multiple vacuum circuits with one device, allowing different parts to be handled independently of one another from only one terminal.

The family features a modular design that simplifies the task of specifying the right ejector for each job as three different versions can be created with just one main body.

In addition to the SCPMb basic version, there is also the SCPMc controlled version with additional features such as an automatic air-saving function and active blow off. The intelligent SCPMi version integrates functions for monitoring and controlling the entire production process with an IO-Link interface and NFC to transmit process data to mobile devices and computers.

In combination with the Schmalz ControlRoom app, the pneumatic vacuum generators can be read out and parameterised directly on the system at any time using mobile terminal devices. And by integrating functions such as predictive maintenance, the SCPMi ejector can increase productivity by up to 10 per cent.

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