The new Ximea xiQ and xiC camera series for vision-guided robots have an extremely flat board level with flexible flat ribbon cables transmitting in full USB 3.0 speed of up to 5Gbit/s. The footprint is a compact 25 x 25 mm and high optical precision is achieved by sensor resolutions up to 4.2MP (xiQ) and 12MP (xiC).

Power consumption is minimal at only 1 or 3W and the cameras are power-driven by USB with no additional cabling required. Smear-free images at high speed are achieved with CMOS global shutter sensors. Input and output lines for triggered usage are available on a flat ribbon cable. Fast and hassle-free integration is thanks to USB3 Vision, supported by a wide range of imaging software libraries.

Ximea cameras are available in board level versions and with different connection options to fit into even the most demanding space constraints or housings with a particularly compact footprint. These properties help when robotic arms are involved and are assets in the majority of other fields and applications like UAV, flat panel inspection, printed circuit board examination, dental and much more.

Using industrial cameras, robots can determine the exact position of workpieces and adapt their processes. Robots are flexible and achieve far higher precision at lower costs, as the accurate handling of parts becomes redundant. For such a task they require machine vision provided by cameras with specific attributes like compact size, low weight, low power consumption, quality sensors with fast speed and accessible high-flex cables.

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