Climate change warning to Government


The international competitiveness of Australian industry should be at the forefront when considering climate change measures, says Australian Industry Group Chief Executive, Heather Ridout.

"In the absence of global action on climate change, any steps taken in Australia seriously risk undermining our industrial competitiveness, Ms Ridout said.

“There is no point in reducing emissions in Australia if this merely results in emissions, industries, jobs and investment moving offshore to countries that do not constrain their greenhouse gas emissions. 

“Any measures putting a price on carbon will need to be accompanied by strong provisions that prevent an erosion of competiveness.

“At the same time, industry in Australia needs to be environmentally sustainable to ensure its future and measures to address competiveness should not detract from incentives that businesses face to reduce their carbon footprints.”

The Ai Group was recently appointed as a member of the Government’s newly-formed Business Roundtable on Climate Change.

"Ai Group looks forward to continuing to play a constructive and principled role in the debate over the shaping of climate policy, said Ms Ridout.

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