WorldSkills is an international initiative that identifies and nurtures trade and skill talent around the globe.
It’s about selecting the best up and coming young talent across a range of skills, and having them compete against one another in their chosen event.

They first compete at a regional level, then at the national level, and in the final stage they are sent abroad to step up to the plate on a world scale, and represent their country at the International Competitions which are run every second year.

This year there were 44 Trade and Skill Categories being represented at WorldSkills in Australia.

The skills and trades ranged from heavy industrial work like welding or construction steel work, to plumbing, auto body repair or landscaping.

At the other end of the spectrum, the competition also encompassed skills such as jewellery, cookery, hairdressing and web design.

The WorldSkills 2014 National Competition was held in Perth – and ran officially from September 18-20 this year.

The day before the competition began, all of the competitors had an official welcome ceremony, and were brought into their respective skill stations where they were given a couple of hours to get accustomed to their workstations and equipment.

The competitors were given 8 hours a day, over three days, to complete a given task. Each competitor worked on their own to build, repair or create their project from scratch. To help them along, a number of high profile companies chipped in to provide all of the relevant equipment, utilities and consumables that were required to complete the set task.

CIGWELD is a major Sponsor of WorldSkills Australia, and supported this year’s event with a generous range of professional level welding machines, safety equipment and consumables.

The range of CIGWELD equipment assisted competitors with the welding, cutting and gas control, which was required within a number of the skills and trades.

These categories included: Welding, Sheetmetal Work, Construction Steel Work, Auto Body Repair, Plumbing and Jewellery.

CIGWELDs Comet Edge Regulators featured heavily throughout the event, as the solution for all gas control.

The Comet Edge Blow Pipe and Cutting Attachment, Transmig 175i, Transmig 250i and Professional 220ACDC Inverter are just a few of the CIGWELD products featured in the Skillaroos workstations.

CIGWELD Marketing Manager, Laura Carrazza said: “The exposure we get from being involved with such an important competition is immeasurable, as it is really about establishing a relationship and loyalty with our young, talented future professionals. The main aim is to have presence at the events, and we believe that through our sponsorship we are able to establish significant brand awareness, and as a result be instrumental in the growth and development at a grass roots level.”

The Welding category was where the largest range of CIGWELD welding equipment was located.

The contestants used CIGWELD Transmig 250i Multi Process Welding Inverters, along with 220ACDC Welding Inverters and a range of CIGWELD wires, electrodes and TIG rods. All contestants were decked out in CIGWELD safety gear (Gauntlet or TIG gloves and high impact ProLite Auto Darkening Welding Helmets).

Welding competitors were asked to perform a number of welding tasks, demonstrating various welding positions, across a range of processes (MIG, TIG and Stick) and also on a range of metals (Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium).

The main project was to construct a fully assembled pressure vessel that was visually assessed, as well as pressure tested by judges.

Winners have an opportunity to take on the challenge at the International WorldSkills competition in Brazil next year.


Winners from CIGWELD supported categories included:





Gold - Jyothi Forman, Melbourne

Silver - Douglas Ely, Sydney West

Bronze - Samantha Kelly, Adelaide





Gold - Dylan di Martino, Melbourne

Silver - Sam Glisson, Ballarat/Wimmera, VIC

Bronze - Sam Gifford, Riverina Murray, NSW



Gold - Beau Kupris, Sydney West

Silver - Jordan Wallworth, Melbourne

Bronze - Mark Young, TAS




Autobody repair

Gold - Trent Yeo, Melbourne
Silver - Karl Davies, Ballarat/Wimmera, VIC

Bronze - Blake Holden, Sydney


International expert of the year award

Paul Condran - welding



Gold - Kallon McVicar, Illawarra NSW
Silver - Nathan Kelly, Macquarie NSW

Bronze - Elton Stewart-Murray, TAS


Construction steel work

Gold - Jed Sparkes, Southern QLD
Silver - Scott Brown, Illawarra, NSW

Bronze - Michael James, Riverina, NSW


Engineering excellence team challenge

Gold - Todd Fitzsimmons & Brock Goodwin, Hunter, NSW
Silver - Bradley Clarke & Matthew Luttrell, TAS

Bronze - Shari Hunt & Matthew King, Spencer Gulf, SA


Sheet metal work

Gold - Thomas Crittenden, Hunter Valley

Silver - Harrison Denford, Sydney

Bronze - Hamish Chamley, TAS