Chieftain launches new compact air compressor


Industrial Air Tools’ expanding range of Chieftain Air Compressors now includes a new portable petrol rotary screw model.

The new CTS70P compressor is a light, compact unit that fits in the back of a ute or station wagon.  But with a huge rated output of 1982L/Min or 70cfm, it will easily operate a 90lb pavement breaker.

In many cases, with the CTS70P there is no need to tow-along a compressor for heavy jobs.

Features include:

  • Convenience – the compressor can be taken direct to the work face
  • Practicality – no trailers and fits in a ute
  • Cost effectiveness – no annual registration fees or road tyres.

The genuine Honda engine ensures reliability, durability and fuel efficiency together with low noise and vibration.

The removable petrol tank reduces transport weight and makes refilling easy. You simply take the tank to the fuel station for refuelling.

The oil injected rotary screw air end features a new rotor profile derived from the latest compressed air technology.

The end result is an extremely durable, efficient and high performance compressor unit capable of giving long, trouble free service.

Industrial Air Tools
Ph: 1800 62 72 82

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