Broad M12 Power Portfolio


Turck is expanding its extensive connection technology range and is now offering a fully comprehensive M12 Power portfolio in K, L, S and T codings. The M12 Power range now includes field wireable connectors, receptacles and junctions and M12-to-7/8” adapter cables as well as the existing overmolded M12 Power cables.

In addition to the connection technology, Turck is also offering its customers M12 Power technology in its robust I/O and RFID block modules as well as field mountable power supply units with IP67 protection.

The wide range of possible combinations enable simple and efficient solutions for a structured and decentralised power supply – from the power supply unit to the control cabinet through to any end devices. Users benefit from high system availability as well as time and cost savings thanks to the safe and high-performance power transfer – even at high ambient temperatures.

Turck's robust M12 Power solutions are a match for the toughest applications in industries such as machine building, materials handling, automotive or sorting and packaging plants. The compact M12 connectors are suitable for virtually any application. This is particularly important in restricted spaces or in environments that are difficult to access. With protection to IP69K they ensure safe operation at any time.

The different codings of the connectors prevent the possibility of connection errors when used in a wide range of applications. The 4 and 5-pin L-coded as well as 4-pin T-coded M12 Power connectors are specially designed for use with DC power supply units for up to 63 V DC/16 A. The 5-pin K coded and 4-pin S coded variants were developed for power supplies up to 630 V AC/16 A and are particularly suitable for the power supply of AC motors and drives.



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