Bottlechock: new word in cylinder safety


Safe and secure storage of high-pressure gas cylinders is an ongoing safety issue for many workplaces.

The demands for convenience and ease of access often collide with the necessity of reliable, secure storage.

With these constraints in mind, VISIONSafe has recently expanded its already wide range of products with the addition of the Bottlechock, a unique cylinder restraint system.

The Bottlechock has been purpose designed to keep cylinders secure, protecting staff and often valuable gauges and equipment.

The clamp grips around, maintaining full contact with the cylinder to restrict both horizontal and vertical movement.

As flexibility is one of the VISIONSafe watchwords, the unique clamp design allows a range of different cylinders diameters to be held by the same clamp.

Bottlechock is available in complete kits that can hold from one to four cylinders in separate, individual chocks contained in a single bracket.

This provides a compact, easily accessible storage solution without compromising on the safety of the workplace.

The Bottlechock is an Australian made product, tried tested and designed for the harshest of outback conditions.

It is suitable for anything from securing a gas cylinder in a work ute to frequent use industrial applications.

Ph: 08 9295 0624

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