Published 11-03-2021
| Article appears in April 2021 Issue

Bonfiglioli safeguards Australia’s strong Maritime Industry

Bonfiglioli’s extensive range of quality products are designed to meet the needs of the maritime industry.

As an island continent, Australians are well aware of the need for a robust and efficient maritime sector.

Indeed, the maritime industry equates to an estimated annual global revenue of $6.88 billion and around $2.32 billion of this belongs to our local economy, according to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee. 

In fact, 10 per cent of the world’s sea trade passes through Australia’s ports and 95 per cent of our exports are transported by sea. 

In line with this, Bonfiglioli’s extensive range of quality products are designed to meet the needs of the maritime industry.

“While our company was born largely out of a need for geared motors in the packaging industry, we have grown extensively over the past 65 years,” says Martin Broglia, Managing Director for Bonfiglioli Australia. 

“Whether its lifting, pulling or slewing machinery for marine and offshore applications, we have our customers covered. Applications include shipboard cranes, offshore cranes, deck machinery, azimuth thrusters and pipe layers.”

Bonfiglioli offers winch drives (700C and FW series), slew drives (700T and S series), steering drives (300 and 700T series), jack-up drives (700T and JD series), track tensioner drives (700C and F series), multipurpose planetary drives (300 series) and helical drives (HDP and HDO series).

“Bonfiglioli has developed a range of gearboxes for jacking machinery with rack-and-pinion design, intended for jack-up drilling rigs, service lift boats, accommodation and windmill installation vessels,” Mr Broglia says of the range on offer.

Jacking gears have also been approved by major Classification Societies such as ABS, DNV and GL to name but a few.

“Products can be delivered with a 3.2 certification and full traceability of the load carrying components,” he adds.

For low temperature applications, a range of ATEX-certified and special drives are on offer.

Across the world, Bonfiglioli has numerous marine installations in place and from these case studies they have been developing products to meet the market demand.

Thanks to an extensive international network, Bonfiglioli guarantees that its same high standards are met the world over.

“We are aware that our direct presence in local markets is the key to long-lasting success” Mr Borglia concludes. 



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