Take advantage of the Australian Government’s instant asset write-off scheme and buy local for your 2020 surface preparation needs.

Victorian OEM W. Granowski P/L designs and manufactures abrasive blast equipment and degreasing machines and is currently taking orders to meet the 31st December 2020 deadline.

Specialising in custom made machinery and turnkey solutions, Granowski Engineering works with each client to ensure the surface preparation requirement is fulfilled by the right design.

Drawing upon 70 years of standard Granowski-designed wheel-blast machines, air-blast equipment, dust collectors and hot wash equipment, the in-house engineering team can design or adapt equipment to meet any application.

Granowski service technicians are Australian (therefore not subject to international quarantine orders) and are available to install and commission or service new or second-hand equipment. No matter the age of the equipment, Australian made genuine Granowski replacement parts and subassemblies can be obtained for any existing Granowski machine.

Buying locally means that excessive lead-times, weight limits and supply problems Covid-19 presents to the importation of goods are eliminated.

Fabricating in Kilsyth, W. Granowski has recently completed a reengineered standard hot-wash machine for use in an explosive atmosphere. The fully automated and insulated stainless steel machine, used to wash gas bottles at 80 degrees, included a 1.35m diameter basket that had been redeveloped for super heavy-duty use.

Every machine is custom made, so don’t miss out! Place your order for Granowski capital equipment now to take advantage before the 31st December 2020 instant asset write-off scheme deadline.

W Granowski Pty Ltd
03 9729 4333

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