Published 05-07-2021

Bespoke Connectivity for all Seasons


When it comes to production design there’s still some who’ll trawl through catalogues finding the standard connectivity products that aren’t the closest fit to their needs.

This approach frequently leads to compromise. In challenging situations where standard connectivity products aren’t up to the task, Turck’s range of custom connectivity solutions are reliable, professional, and fit for purpose.

No matter how complex the application Turck can create bespoke harness and cable assembly solutions to suit your needs.

Turck’s industry leading expertise, equipment and capabilities deliver professional, high quality cables, looms, splitters and junction boxes that are tailored to your specific needs.

Automated strip crimping, hot stamping, potting and termination of virtually any industry standard connectors are among the specialist services Turck provides.

The finished product will always fit the bill perfectly even when the application involves extreme environmental conditions.

Continual flexing requires specific certification.

Engineered to increase reliability, reduce insulation time and present a robust professional appearance.

Turck’s custom connectivity solutions save you time, and save you money.

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