Belt conveyors drive bulk materials handling


Belt conveyors are used for the continuous transport of bulk materials, and a wide range of conveyor lengths, capacities and speeds can be utilised. Belt conveyors feature a continuous rubber or plastic belt and tensile elements for strength. The conveyor belt passes over at least two drums, one or more of which is powered and moves the belt through wrapping friction.

Bulk materials handling places great demands on conveyor belts and their drive technologies. Different solutions are required according to conveyor length and construction, the direction of transport and volume flow. Robust and reliable drive units from Nord Drivesystems ensure uninterrupted, dynamic and precise flows of materials that can be individually controlled.

Durable and low-maintenance Maxxdrive industrial gear units, in which the bearing points and sealing surfaces of the Unicase housing are produced in a single operation, are ideal for large, high-capacity belt conveyors. The latest generation Maxxdrive XT has been supplemented with an application-optimised two-stage helical bevel gear unit, making it ideal for belt conveyor systems in the bulk materials and minerals industries.

The power and speed range has been specially adapted to the needs of these industries. Because of their two versions, helical or bevel gear units with flange-mounted or push-on housings can be mounted parallel or at right angles to the axis in conveyor systems. They can be combined with a foot-mounted, high-efficiency IE3 motor on a motor rocker or frame and are connected to the motor via a hydraulic coupling.

As most bucket conveyor applications produce dust, there is a risk of explosion if the dust is flammable. In this case, motors and geared motors with customised explosion protection, which Nord assembles from its modular range according to individual requirements, are used.

The practical maintenance package from Nord, a combination of protective measures and monitoring systems, ensures that the investment functions even under harsh ambient conditions such as continuous operation, dust and the effects of weather.

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