Published 03-11-2020
| Article appears in November 2020 Issue

Backplane Systems Technology presents Winmate W32 L100 PTA1 DISPLAY


BACKPLANE Systems Technology Presents Winmate’s W32L100-PTA1 PT Series 4K UHD Custom Display.

The PT Series Multi-Touch Custom Displays are a feature-rich monitor beyond aesthetics.

The 32-inch W32L100-PTA1 present content in 4K UHD, fulfilling demands for extreme performance and incredible image details.

When it comes to other highlights, the PT Series Custom HMI Panel PC and Display feature IP65-rated water and dustproof front panel.

The devices suit for most of industrial and commercial scenarios that need computers that are more rugged than consumer-grade devices yet remain elegant.

The support for VESA mounting allows users to install the equipment on articulated monitor arms or desk stands.

Key Features:

The key features for Winmate’s W32L100-PTA1 PT Series 4K UHD Custom Display include 32” 4K UHD  3840 x 2160 and a PCAP Touchscreen.

For easy connection it has VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP signal input; also with 3G SDI In, 3G SDI Out.

It also has Bottom Side Keys x 5 and support IR remote controller.

Finally, features are suitable for healthcare applications.




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