BAC Systems rolls out its latest range


BAC Systems has released its latest catalogue – the Silver M Catalogue – with comprehensive details of its latest range of mobile storage units, updated to transform the modern workplace.

A recent recipient of the Standards Australia Golden Design Award, BAC Systems has drawn upon its 30 years of Industrial Design experience to put together a range of durable and innovative mobile equipment.

BAC Trolleys and Mobile Workstations are adaptable to a broad range of applications.

They are ideal for the harsh conditions found in the Mining and Defence Industries as well as the space constraints of the Automotive and Educational Industries.

The modular nature of the BAC Mobile Equipment means that the end user can easily customise the storage locations to suit personal requirements.

Features, such as the BAC Codelock Keyless System, enhance and refine the mobile solution.

The BAC Codelock Keyless System is an electronic lock with a keypad that allows you to do away with your keys and all of the problems associated with them. The BAC Codelock can ensure secure access to your tools with no fuss.

BAC Mobile Trolleys and Mobile Workstations also have a series of castor options ensuring a tailor-made solution to any mobility requirements.

All castors – including heavy-duty urethane castors used for rough surfaces or rubber wheels used for more delicate internal floors – are securely anchored to the structure of the mobile unit to ensure reliable and constant mobility.

Combined with a fully steel handle and the BAC Single Drawer Locks, a BAC Mobile Workstation offers control and safety.

The BAC Silver M Catalogue for mobile workstations and trolleys is now available.

BAC Systems has been a leading designer of Australian-made modular workplace and storage solutions, and is accredited by Standards Australia.

BAC drawer storage systems, modular workbenches and mobile tooltrolleys are used in a broad variety of workplaces from workshops, stores and automotive setups to laboratories, classrooms and art storage facilities.

BAC’s experienced sales team can assist in customising your mobile solution.

BAC Systems
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