Apex ultra-compact geared pulleys make life simple


Timing belt transmissions are widely used throughout manufacturing industry.

Typical timing belt system, driven by an electric motor, would require a gearbox between the pulley and the motor to optimise transfer of motor power.

The gearbox with accompanying couplings, mountings and pulley supports require more space, engineering and fitting time.

Unlike most conventional gearboxes the Apex Dynamics AL-Series Integrated Geared Pulley is designed to simplify engineering and installation by eliminating the need for multiple transmissions and supporting elements.

The AL’s fixed planet gears design allows the output housing to be used as the driving pulley.

The housing is centred between two internal bearings providing high radial load capacity needed to transfer power through the timing belt.

Servo-gearhead construction, exact ratios and low backlash make AL-series suitable of most applications. The AL’s ultra-compact construction also helps engineers to design smaller and lighter machines.

Apex Dynamics
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