Ansell protects one billion hands


Glove manufacturer, Ansell has reached a historic milestone – the sale of its 500 millionth pair of HyFlex gloves.

Since they were introduced in 1996 Hyflex gloves have set a benchmark for safety.

“The HyFlex brand has become the number one selling industrial glove around the world, says Ansell Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, Mitchell Mackey.

“Over half a million workers wear them daily in a wide variety of industries,” he says.

Mr Mackey says the philosophy behind HyFlex gloves to provide optimal protection and maximum comfort.

“In 15 years, HyFlex has gained critical recognition and market share for its winning combination of ergonomic design, comfort and superior mechanical protection,” says Mr Mackey.

The HyFlex range extends to 28 individual styles, with a glove to fit every worker’s job performance requirements and comfort expectations.

Magnus Nicolin, CEO of Ansell Ltd, says: “This milestone pays tribute to the HyFlex original brand concept which is all about delivering protection and comfort without compromise”.

Ansell says its HyFlex brand is the most comprehensive light-duty synthetic portfolio in the industry.

Its world-leading patented Zonz Knit Technology reduces hand fatigue by providing stress release in the knuckle areas, setting new standards.

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