ALPS introduce Extra Large Version of SC Linear Leak Tester


ALPS (Air Logic Power Systems), of Wisconsin USA, a global leader of in-line container leak inspection equipment, have released an extra large version of their successful SC Linear Leak tester for containers up to 30L.

The SC Linear conveyor leak tester is fully integrated with optional vacuum capabilities and is designed for optimal handling to ensure the most accurate leak test possible. It can test up to 50 containers per minute depending on the container size and volume.

The bottle leak detector conveyor runs continuously between tests. When the test photo-eye senses the presence of a container, the conveyor is immediately stopped, a probe extends to form a leak tight seal, and the container is tested for leakage using a Pressure Decay test method.

If the container is bad, it is ejected from the bottle leak detector immediately after the test, and the conveyor restarts. If the container is good, the bottle leak detector conveyor starts when the test is complete.

The SC-XL linear includes the following modifications:-

·         Designed to handle containers up to 300mm wide

·         The conveyor is 2m long and 250mm wide with dual level rails for support

·         Large diameter probe


The SC-XL utilises a market leading control system, incorporating a full colour touch screen and fully guided setup covering all mechanical and leak test settings. These features enable very quick setup/changeover and the ability to optimize test settings without requiring an expert operator.


ALPS (Air Power Logic Systems) is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies.