Published 10-02-2022

Alliance to benefit resource and construction industries


A strategic alliance between Industry Capability Network Limited (ICNL) and Connecting Industry is poised to make it easier for Australian suppliers to connect with major project supply chains.

The event partnership is designed to assist the resource and construction sectors to access the latest project and procurement information via virtual live streaming events. It can be utilised for all tiers of the supply chain, from SME’s to large civil construction and engineering companies who will be able to access the program while adding value to ICN’s core platform, ICN Gateway.

Online networking

ICN Limited CEO, Warren Jansen said the  COVID-19 pandemic had shown it was possible to provide excellent networking opportunities online.  

Meanwhile, the role of Connecting Industry will be to facilitate online events. They will be delivered via live video streaming allowing the audience to connect, engage, network, and have private and public face-to-face meetings with presenting speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees. 

“The focus of our events is to provide a platform for resource and construction companies to promote major project work and procurement opportunities to the supply chain,” Connecting Industry managing director, Kieran Moran said.

He stressed the program was offered at an affordable cost and was accessible from anywhere in Australia. Cost savings could also be achieved as businesses no longer had to allocate funds to tickets, travel, food and accommodation to attend an event.

“We believe this partnership will allow the supply chain to contribute with purpose where their social, economic, and environmental impact is minimal,” he said.

By Dawn Adams


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