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  1. Industrial Duty Handtrucks

    Steel Handtrucks--- Don’t Lift It Wheel It.

  2. Super Trucks

    This ergonomic lifting device has been developed for laundry and various materials handling applications.

  3. Multiuse Mobile Lift Trolley

    Our MULTIUSE lift-trolleys have the versatility of a hand trolley with the ability to lift and lower loads, eliminating backbreaking lifting.

  4. Battery Powered Tugs

    Too Heavy To Move? Not with Electro Tugs to do it for you!

  5. Powered Trolleys

    Powerful battery operated load carrying platform climbs up 1:12 gradient

  6. Safetech Safebin Ergonomic Trolley

    Safebin is a six wheel, ergonomic trolley designed to reduce injury in the workplace where loading and unloading from trolleys present a problem.

  7. Pallet Trucks

    The Optimum range of pallet trucks start has a wide variety of trucks to suit the every need.

  8. DCD 100 Power Lift Trolley

    Powerlift DC Trolleys offer mobile lifting at the push of a button. Eliminates the need for manual pumping provides users with a clean quiet lift ideal for areas where hydraulics can't be used.

  9. The Mule: An innovative Powered Lifting & Stacking Trolley

    With a load capacity of 160kgs The Mule is an all in one Stacker, Transporter and Work Positioner.

  10. Lifting, Tilting and Rotating - Binsert Laundry Trolley

    Binsert is a simple but highly effective way to reduce injury in laundries and other workplaces where loading and unloading of goods from bins presents a problem.