Maintaining cool temperatures is important to many industries, including the food and beverage, life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical industries. As foods, beverages and biological samples will spoil in environments above a certain temperature, efficient cooling processes are required. Chillers and refrigeration units serve this purpose and are often programmable to better control temperatures.



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  1. 3M™ Temperature Logger TL20V includes a certificate of accuracy for factory calibration and is recommended for recording temperatures during transportation and/or storage of temperature sensitive products.  Every TL20V has been tested using three...

  2. Equipment cooling, air conditioning, data centre cooling, rack cooling, food manufacturing or pharmaceuticals. 3 phase power. Options for PLC control upgrade and high level interface

  3. Ideal as a lab chiller or for equipment cooling. Just connect to power and water. Single phase power. -5ºC to +14ºC Chiller water supply temperature

  4. Air cooled chillers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, equipment cooling and process cooling. Ideal for equipment cooling, data centre cooling, rack cooling, server cooling or as an industrial chiller.

  5. Brazed plate or co-axial heat-exchanger. Optional water pump. +5ºC to +25ºC chiller water supply temperature on request

  6. Air Cooled chillers for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and process applications. 75-140 kW (Base Model) or 305 kW (One of many flexible configurations).

  7. Tank and pump inbuilt. -10ºC to +25ºC chilled water supply temperature on request. Reliable chilled water temperature down to 0ºC without glycol

  8. -5°C to +15°C supply temp Single phase power 0.5 kW to 2.9 kW cooling Internal tank and pump Size: 550W x 455D x 380H Under cabinet size Castor wheel mounted Batch meter options Australian made

  9. Full range from 70kW to 155kW. Coils in tank evaporator – copper or stainless – virtually unfreezable operating temp down to 0°C. Internally mounted pump and tank. Pump easily upgraded - full Grundfos range available

  10. Full range from 85kW to 250kW cooling. Steel and copper shell and tube evaporator for reliability and performance. Multiple refrigeration systems as an option for increased reliability and greater control