In the manufacturing and logistics industries many processes require eye and face protection. Welders must be able to see what they're doing while also not getting blinded or burnt by their work. Individuals working near grinders, cutters and presses must ensure no metal, plastic or wood particulate from the machines makes it to the eyes. And in facilities where chemicals are made, complete face protection may be required to avoid fumes.



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  1. Laser Glendale Eyewear: Lightspeed Reacts Automatically to IPL

    LightSpeed technology allows users to work safer and more efficiently in Intense Pulse Light (IPL) environments.

  2. XC Eyewear: XC- X-tra Coverage for X-tra Protection

    XC™ the difference is X-tra clear. X-tra Coverage with an exceptional lens, X-tra Comfort featuring Multi Material Technology and X-tra Control with adjustability, makes XC™ the number one choice in safety eyewear.

  3. Maxx-Pro Eyewear: Maxx-Pro Low Profile Indirect Vented Safety Goggle

    The Maxx-Pro™ features a sleek, futuristic design that encourages employee compliance.

  4. Optrel Galaxy High Impact Welding Helmet

    The Galaxy High Impact is the only passive flip front, high impact approved welding helmet available.

  5. The inexpensive alternative offering comfort and durability. A sliding switch gives you the choice to select either shade level 10 or 11. The sensor bar that changes the angle of incoming light and the ergonomic design guarantees comfort.

  6. Eyewear/Accessories: Op-Tema Multi Adjustable Design

    Multi-point adjustable design for a better fit every time, the Op-tema® is feature packed, a great price, and comes with a free break away retainer cord.

  7. Attitude Eyewear: Attitude- Sports Styling in a Contemporary Wrap-Around Frame

    The Attitude brings a new level of sports styling and cushioned comfort to the safety industry.

  8. Eyewear/Accessories: Polysafe Wrap Around Visitors Spectacle

    The Polysafe offers a wide field of vision in a wrap around spectacle which fits easily over prescription eyewear.

  9. Bionic Eyewear: Bionic

    The Bionic is for faceshield users who require highly efficient, comfortable protection.

  10. Eyewear/Accessories: Clear Cleaning Products and Spec Cases

    Honeywell Safety Products offers a comprehensive range of cleaning products and spectacle accessories to keep your safety specs in top condition.