In busy warehouse and plant settings, getting products from point A to point B has typically involved some sort of human component, whether it's someone carrying electronic components or a forklift driver moving pallets of materials. Workers are often present in these sorts of busy industrial environments, necessitating some sort of crowd and traffic control.



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  1. Crowd Control Barriers: Qmax Retracta Belt

    Qmax Retracta-belt is a retractable belt queue management system which comprises a wide range of post and base combinations which can be tailored to suit your specific decor or needs.

  2. Traffic Control: Height Barriers

    Eliminate damage to vehicles and property caused by oversize vehicles entering areas of restricted height by installing suspended Height Bars.

  3. Large Safety Cones

    890mm large, bright cones printed on four sides for maximum visibility

  4. M2 outside environment – heavy wind – large dimensions

    DYNACO doors provide self-repairable, totally sealed, flexible high performance doors for food, pharmaceutical, industrial, freezer, clean room and sector specialized applications.

  5. Crowd Control Barriers: Port-a-Guard Plus

    Port-a-guard Plus is our top of the range portable expanding crowd control barrier.

  6. Albany PVC Stripview Curtains are the most economical solution to industrial, commercial and institutional doorway problems. Controlling wind, rain, noise, dust, heat, cold, humidity, insects etc. they are inexpensive, simple to install and...

  7. The Albany Swingview Door provides safety, hygiene and environmental control in an attractive and super reliable design. Providing hands free access, Swingview is clearly the most practical and economical solution to doorway problems. Supermarkets,...

  8. Infrared motion detectors are suited to personnel and vehicular traffic. In comparison to radar motion de­tectors, infrared motion detectors only cover a restricted area in front of the door.

  9. In comparison to radar motion detectors or passiv-infrared motion detectors the Aktiv-Infrared motion detector react to objects and people without movement. This is the reason you can use it as a combination for opening and safety functions.

  10. Passiv-Infrared motion detectors react only to moving objects.