The field of electronics has come a long ways in the last century. Once we used vacuum tubes, but now we typically use solid-state technology. Digital electronics chips have eroded usage of their older analogue counterpart. Computer processors consisted of tens of transistors where today multi-core microprocessors are compact and much more powerful.



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  1. Ansell - HyFlex® Gloves 11-801

    Excellent dexterity and breathability in very durable gloves

  2. Digital Temperature Controllers

    The Delta Electronics "A" series digital temperature controllers are economically priced, easy to use controllers suitable for any application requiring precise temperature control.

  3. D40 Humidistat

    For control of humidity in green houses, cellars and store

  4. LIFASA Power Factor Correction Capacitors

    LIFASA capacitors are manufactured using the most advanced technologies and strict quality standards.

  5. New Delta SS Series PLC

    Delta Electronics SS series micro PLC is now available from Mechtric. The compact size, low cost and high performance lend the SS PLC to many simple and complec automation applications.

  6. The Delta Electronics DOP-A and AE series touch screen HMI’s are now available from Mechtric electric and mechanical engineering products.

  7. Large range available from Heyco Products Inc.Heyco’s extensive range of liquid tight cord grips feature Acme threads on body to prevent skipping and speed installation.  "PG" hub threads are steel conduit threads per DIN 40430.

  8. Nylon Push Rivets are an economical, reusable method of securing parts together. To use simply place the rivet into a pre-drilled hole and push head to secure. Lift head to unsecure and remove, rivets can be re-used. Nylon Push Rivets resist...

  9. NPA has a range of Terminal Blocks for standard use, PCB mounting and for appliance use. Standard terminal blocks are in strips of 12 and are stocked in polyethylene and nylon. the nylon blocks are available in screw terminal or screw terminal with...

  10. Pre-Insulated Terminals are available in various sizes and styles for a multitude of applications. Pre-Insulated terminals are a fast and inexpensive way to terminate cables. Colour coded for different wire sizes they are easliy attached with our...